Affordable, Modern, Scalable
Web & App Development
for small independent businesses.

We use the latest web and mobile tools and technologies
to give your business a world-class competitive edge.


  • Website and Mobile App Development
    From brochureware to fully integrated e-commerce and media hosting websites, we deliver top notch, modern, mobile-ready websites that meet your exact needs.
  • Social Media Management
    Engage your audience, increase your brand awareness, create virality, expand your reach, deliver top-performing campaigns. We work tirelessly to help your meet your goals.
  • Digital Media Management
    Specially targeted at small independent record labels, artists and musicians, we provide a solid framework for media package management, sale and distribution with all the major online distributors.
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In our 25+ years in operation, we've had the good fortune of developing web sites, custom software and mobile apps for businesses as varied as several US universities, hospitals, music record labels, streaming television stations, fantasy football games, pharmacies, social networks and many more.
Below is a sample of some of our most recent work.

HSY Bookstore

The Harlem Bee

HSY Bookstore

Fannin Magazine

HSY Bookstore

HSY Bookstore

NVH Online Bookstore

NVH Online Bookstore

Nanette V. Hucknall [author]

Nanette V. Hucknall


Health RX Scripts Pharmacy

Health Fit Pharmacy

Health RX Scripts - Corporate

cPak S.T.M.S. - Brochureware

Rule 152 Artist Portal


Lab 152 Media Group

Higher Self Yoga, Inc.

Higher Self Yoga, Inc.

Fannin Street Pharmacy

Fannin Street Pharmacy

Health Fit Shop

Everyday Health

Decibel NYC Recordings

Harlem Station Recordings

Adventures of Dr. GoodFU

Audiobliss Digital Store

Innovative Concepts PR

B's Wine Bar

B's Wine Bar

B's Wine Bar Online Boutique

B's Wine Bar Boutique

HRCX Refills

HRXS Refills

CJ Burken (Music)

Eclectic Commons

Always The Plan

cPak S.T.M.S.

cPak S.T.M.S. Mobile

Burken Productions

Who We Are

Founded in 1990 by CJ Burken, a computer science engineer, Burken Productions first focused on developing web-based tracking and managing programs for colleges and universities in South Florida (Univeristy of Miami, Florida International University, Miami Dade College). Over the years, with the addition of a small staff of rogue developers and creative designers, we quickly developed a reputation for creating quality digital work that makes use of all the latest tools and technologies for small independent and minority businesses. After more than 25 years of operation, we continue to solidify that mantra by taking even more challenging work.


We are always interested to hear from you. For feedback on our work or to contact us for work on a project, please fill out and submit the form below. You can also follow us on various social networks.